AEO Screen Advantage

Archaeology Screens and Forensic Sifters

Same great screens designed, used and improved by archaeologists for over three decades.

AEO SCREEN makes a complete line of archaeology and forensic screens, including several different models and inserts, designed for any field situation from large-scale excavations to backpack surveys.

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AEO SCREEN does not make cheap screens. Buying an AEO SCREEN product is, however, one of the soundest economic decisions you can make. You will find our prices surprisingly competitive compared to manufacturing equipment in-house, special ordering from a woodshop, or buying from other manufacturers.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our screens are designed and built to last on the order of ten years.  More than a few of our customers are, in fact, still using screens purchased in the 1990s. With a modest maintenance program -  refinishing the screens every two or three years and replacing mesh as needed -they will essentially last forever.

Sound Investment

With proper maintenance, the overall cost of our screens, then, works out to $25 per year or less. This buys you a top of the line piece of equipment that maximizes field crew productivity and eliminates the hassle of replacing screens every few years-not to mention sparing you the ordeal of watching your crews wasting time, energy, and money wrestling with inefficient or worn out screens.

Prompt Shipping & Delivery

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